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Advantage Hamilton Travel Niagara

About Us
Hamilton Travel, Niagara is a private, local company owned and operated by Pierce Travel and Customs Services Limited.The company is owned by John A. Davidson.

The company originated in 1918 when W.J. Hamilton   i introduced the travel agency to Niagara Falls.At that time steamships and rail were the modes of transportation.Hamilton Travel has been operating for 82 years, from the same location, 4536 Zimmerman Avenue.We have the honour of being one of the oldest Travel Agencies in Canada.

Over the years, we have developed and strived to maintain a reputation for service, courtesy, and excellence, through our staff of six professional counsellors.

Three of the four counsellors who serve the industrial and commercial offices of the area are Certified Travel Counsellors, holding travel degrees. All 6 counsellors attend travel courses, seminars, and lectures regularly.They also take special trips annually to familiarize themselves with major travel destinations
We are members of the following trade associations: CLIA, ASTA, ACTA and also Advantage.The latter is a consortium that gives us access to discounted corporate rates on both hotel and car rentals.Advantage has over 250 member offices across Canada and 7500 worldwide.Travel agencies must meet certain qualifications to belong to Advantage and we our proud of our membership in this professional orginization.John Davidson serves as President on the Ontario Board Of Directors and serves on the National Board.

Confidentiality and Integrity
The exclusive use of Hamilton Travel, Niagara gives you a high degree of confidentiality.The fact that our staff is permanent eliminates the concern that your travel patterns, or sales volume, will be used by a travel counsellor to benifit themselves with another competing agent.According to several of the major airlines, this has become an increasing problem.
Other travel agents, competing for commercial and industrial accounts are offering discounts and other concessions, well beyond the limits of good business sense and integrity.This activity creates much unrest within the commercial organization because it is often inequitable and sometimes against the rules of airlines.We know that you will respect the tradition that we have established.
4536 Zimmerman Avenue,
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
P.O. Box 538
L2E 6V2
Phone #: 1-905-365-1126
U.S. Phone #: 1-716-285-2434
Fax #: 1-905-354-0743